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Jemima's story begins with her mother Rose. Rose lives in a village far off any main roads, in western Kenya. She finds odd jobs to do to try to support her little family.


When Rose's daughter, Jemima, was born with severe disabilities due to spina bifida, Rose became an advocate for people with disabilities in the community, trying to raise awareness and develop support systems for people with disabilities. 


Shortly thereafter, Rose herself lost her leg due to an accident on the dirt road to her home. Her husband also died. Together, this made life even harder for Rose and her little family. But Rose continued to advocate and to encourage her daughter to reach for her dreams! 


Jemima is an amazing musician--she sings and writes her own Christian music. Jemima dreams of recording an album of her music. The cost is minimal, but the opportunity to sell a recording could help bring in a few dollars a month for her and her mother. 


Please consider empowering Jemima and helping her reach her dream. The small amount of money you provide today will have a big impact on Jemima, Rose, and the rest of their family, providing a small level of income for food and basic supplies. It will also continue to reinforce the message Jemima's mother has always told her: don't let your disability stop you! You can do whatever you dream! 


When Jemima records her album, we will make part of it available here, so you can hear what she has done. We also hope to make it available for purchase to continue to support Jemima! 

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