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​Global Partnership, African Success. ​

We see a future where all Africans can thrive, through local ingenuity and global partnership.

G.C.A THRIVE is a nonprofit organization that builds a path to independence for individuals in Africa. Our primary focus is microloan projects, which provide start-up capital, training, and support for new entrepreneurs. We target women with disabilities, who have the least access to jobs in Africa.

​Our program is unique in that we intend to keep our programs individualized and personal: we reach individuals one at a time and provide donors with the opportunity to see their money at work on specific programs, for specific people! When you partner with GCA Thrive, you pick the person and project that touches your heart, and we'll ensure they receive your personal support! 


Meet our passionate team of Directors and volunteers! GCA Thrive's Board has a big heart for serving the most marginalized Africans. Our combined expertise, experience and genuine passion for our goals drive our projects forward.  As a Board, we are dedicated to developing global partnerships that support our select grassroots projects and initiatives. It is our individual and collective purpose to spark positive, lasting change in peoples lives and in their communities.


Secretary, Fundraising Chair

Bio coming soon! 



Board Chair

Being Nigerian-American, philanthropy for the great continent of Africa has always been a key passion of mine. GCA Thrive's mission to empower women in Africa drew me to want to volunteer and take part in any way I could. I highly encourage you to join us as we make positive change!



I grew up in Ethiopia and moved to the U.S. right after high school to purse my higher education here.  I am currently a Master of Accountancy student at North Dakota State University.

Growing up in a third world country and seeing people with desperate needs on a daily basis have made me passionate about finding ways to help others. 

Even though my educational background is in public accountancy, I hope to work for the United Nations one day!


Communications Chair

Bio coming soon! 


Board of Directors, Member

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Executive Director, Co-Founder

Since childhood, I was drawn to the amazing continent of Africa. In the last decade, I've travelled annually to many countries in East Africa and lived in Kenya and Ethiopia for several years. 

When I met my husband in Ethiopia, we decided right away that we would spend our lives together serving in Africa. GCA Thrive is a small step toward that goal. 



Board of Directors, Member


Board of Directors, Member

Bio and photo coming soon!





Usikimye aims to end sexual and gender based violence. Located in Nairobi, Kenya, Usikimye provides emergency shelter and support for those affected by violence. Women, children, and men affected by sexual and gender based violence can receive respite at Usikimye.


How we partner with Usikimye:

Usikimye is our newest partner. When individuals arrive at Usikimye, they are trying to escape violence and often do not have a way to support themselves if they leave their abuser. GCA Thrive plans to partner with Usikimye to provide job training and start-up capital/supplies for those who would like to start their own business to support themselves and their family.



Wogen was established in 1998 and is based in Gondar Ethiopia. Wogen works to identify and meet the needs and aspirations of the underserved through collaboration with government and community. 

How we partner with Wogen: 

Though Wogen does many projects in the community, GCA Thrive has partnered with Wogen on their microloan and small business development focus in Gondar. Women receive job training and either start up capital or the materials needed to start their own businesses. GCA Thrive has worked in some capacity with Wogen for over 5 years, including some of our board members working on the ground with Wogen for several years. 



Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change. Rotary has been in existence for 110 years and includes clubs around the world. Rotary members and clubs work together to: Promote peace; fight disease;

provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene; save mothers and children; support education; grow local economies; supporting the environment

How we partner with Rotary: GCA Thrive is currently partnering on a $52,000 microloan project to develop jobs for 120 women in Ethiopia. The project is a collaboration across multiple US-based Rotary Clubs, the Wogen Women's and Children's Support Organization in Ethiopia, and the Gondar Fasiledes Rotary Club in Ethiopia. GCA Thrive has supported multiple projects with Rotary over the last three years, providing clean water for hundreds of people in rural Ethiopia and developing jobs for approximately 60 women and their families. 

Bio coming soon!

Bio coming soon!


Board of Directors, Member


Board of Directors, Member

I was born in Ethiopia, grew up in Sweden, and currently living in USA. Since a young age I was alway passionate about making peoples lives easy and that brought me so much joy. I want everyone to feel as unique and as they are. 

I was raised by single grandmother, and she thought me to be independent hard working women. That passion still lives with me. 


I am currently studying Sociology and minoring in Psychology and Neuroscience at Minnesota State University Moorhead. 


My goal and dream is to be a voice and become opportunity for Africa.  One day I want to open my own non-profit organization that focuses on individuals financial and educational independence.

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