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GCA Thrive uses a grassroots approach to maximize the use of funds and ensure our focus is on the success of each project. We support projects that are community-led and driven by our African partners. Our project partners identify the most pressing issues within their own communities and propose models catered to meet their needs.

Our process for partner selection, project development, and funding are all transparent. We value both relationships and results. We leverage the skills, knowledge and expertise within our global network to ensure each project's success from beginning to end. 

Our partners and our organization maintain strict accountability for all funds. 

We only work with organizations who are able to maintain appropriate record-keeping and are able to continuously communicate about each project's status and progress. 


In many cases, we must protect the identities of the vulnerable individuals who are participants in GCA Thrive projects. We recommend that our partners provide success stories, photos and even opportunities for direct communication with recipients of GCA Thrive when appropriate and possible.

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